Tootja rehvid

  • ONWAY TECHNOLOGY LIMITED spetsialiseerunud R & D, tootmine ja turustamine Electric Ratsutamine Tooted. Meie tehas alustas toodavad citycoco, elektriline roller alates 2014 heakskiidetud sertifikaat: CE, RoHS, WMI, EMÜ, COC, ISO900001. Meil on eksportiv Lõuna-Ameerikas, Põhja-Ameerikas, Euroopas, Lõuna-Aafrikas ja annab palju maine klientide.
  • To make sure our customer can do the business better, we launch new product every year. The most important is the after sale service, we will response for it in one days, and give the solution in two days. Our core is provide the best product and service to our customer.
  • We are on the way to the best with honesty and integrity.

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